Sponsor announcement



It is with pride that we announce that Powasol has joined forces with Luke Hill and will be sponsoring the young South African Champion this year.

Powasol provide high quality chemical solvents to a range of industries, with their Bike Wash being a top seller in South Africa and abroad. POWASOL is the ideal cleaning solution for bikes, cars, karts and everything in-between. It’s non-hazardous, environmentally friendly composition is designed to dissolve dirt and degrease oil stains without causing damage to engine and body components.

“We are excited about joining forces with Luke and entering into this new, highly competitive industry. Not only do we believe that Luke will be a good ambassador for the Powasol brand, but we know that our products will offer the perfect cleaning solutions to the industry as a whole,” commented Powasol Director, Klint Mills.

Luke will be running with Powasol this weekend in Cape Town, as he prepares for the upcoming National next weekend (21 March 2020).

For more information, please visit www.powasolproducts.co.za