Praga – NR Rok Cup Review



Praga South Africa enjoyed success at the penultimate round of the 2019 Northern Regions Rok Cup which took place at Zwartkops on 28 September.

The team walked away with four overall podium finishes and some impressive individual results.

Kid Rok:

Luke Hill had a qood weekend, qualifying on pole position and winning the first race. A technical malady plagued him in the second race, eventually leading to his retirement. Luke was back in front in the final heat, claiming the race win and first overall for the day.

Keagan Beaumont had a roller coaster weekend. After having to start at the back of the grid, Keagan drove his heart out to finish the first heat in 5th place. He took a hard earned win in race two, before claiming 5th in the final heat. Keagan’s results gave him a podium finish in the overall standings.

Goran Gruben also had a successful outing. He qualified in 3rd and drove well to earn 2nd place in the first heat. He took 4th in heat two, but had some difficulties in the final race where he finished 8th. Goran was 5th in the overall results.

Troy van der Laan had an impressive day, qualifying in 5th and holding this position to the flag. He took his first podium finish in the class in heat two and took his Praga to 6th place in the last race. Troy ended the day 6th overall.

Tyler Repsold looked good on track. He qualified 7th and drove a respectable race to finish 8th. Unfortunately, some engine trouble forced him out of heat two. Tyler gave his all to finish 7th in the final race, securing 8th in the overall results.

Mini Rok:

KC Ensor-Smith looked set for a big points haul. After qualifying on pole, KC took 2nd place in heat one. He was out front in heat two, when an on track incident lead to his retirement from the race and the remainder of the day.

Luke Hill had a sublime Mini Rok drive. He qualified 10th and held this position to the flag. Whilst his fans and crew were perfectly happy with this, what Luke did next was truly inspired. A tangle amongst the front runners in heat two, opened up a gap and Luke went for it, launching himself into 2nd place. Whilst it may have been expected that he would drop back down to the under 10 drivers, he didn’t. Not only did Luke keep pace with the race leader, but he actually started to challenge for the position. He ended the race in 2nd place. Luke had a brilliant start to the final race, catapulting himself into the lead. He held the lead for a few laps, when a backmarker got in the way, causing Luke to lose a position. Luke finished 2nd in the race and in the overall results.

Ashton Repsold can be happy with his performance. After qualifying 12th, he gained some ground to finish the first race in 11th. He took a solid 9th place finish in heat two and took the flag in 10th in the final heat. Ashton finished 9th overall.

Jude Watson made his Praga debut and had a baptism of fire. He qualified 17th and finished 18th in his first race. Jude made good progress in heat two, finishing 16th. He continued to improve and ended the final race in 14th.

Dean Berner had a consistent weekend, qualifying 16th and finishing 17th in the first two heats. He finished 16th in the final race, but his result wasn’t without action. A kart spun in front of him going into turn one. With nowhere to go, he collided with the kart and had to drive hard to get back through the field.


Jarrod Waberski lead the Praga charge in OKJ, qualifying on the front row of the grid and finishing 2nd in the first two heats. He was up to 2nd again in race three, before being pushed off track. It took some time to get his kart going again and he ended the race in 8th place. Fortunately, Jarrod’s results were still good enough for him to finish 2nd overall for the day.

Taya van der Laan had a relatively quiet day. She qualified 8th and finished 7th in both heat one and two. She got herself up to 6th in the final heat and took 7th for the day.

Alessio Angelucci experienced some bad luck. After qualifying in 7th, he had a good first race, working his way up to 5th place. He crossed the line 5th again in race two, but was hit was a penalty that dropped him to 9th. Alessio was pushed off track together with teammate Jarrod Waberski in the final heat and took the flag in 9th place. He had to settle for 9th overall.

DD2 driver, Carlo Olivier decided to race in GP125 this weekend. He put in a solid performance, qualifying 9th and finishing in 11th and 9th in the first two heats respectively. He didn’t start the final race.  

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