After acquiring Motorsport Marketing Services in 1999, Vaughn Williams put the business on the map through the initiation and management of the Mercedes-Benz development programme. Whilst the primary focus of the business was on motorsport, Vaughn branched out by organising and managing media liaison for vehicle launches, including the Mercedes-Benz A Class, Chev Lumina, and Mercedes-Benz Vito.

Putting his media contacts to good use, Vaughn took over the management of a few young South African drivers who were looking to make their mark on the sport. Amongst these drivers were Gugu Zulu and Leeroy Poulter.
Opportunities were plentiful and it wasn’t long before MMS was handling public relations and marketing for top teams. In the business’ 18 year history, these have included the Mitsubishi offroad racing team, the Mercedes-Benz circuit racing team and the Ford Racing Production Car team.

Taking on bigger challenges, MMS was involved in the marketing of the Group N Series before being employed by Bridgestone to handle all public relations, marketing and administrative functions of the Bridgestone Production Car Championship.

Over the past decade, tradition marketing has evolved to include electronic marketing platforms and so has MMS. Through their website and social media packages, MMS branded top names such as Johan Fourie, Michael Stephen and Tschops Sipuka.

With creative ideas and a solid foundation, MMS have opened their services to small and medium sized business. Among our clients are a car dealership, a high performance work shop, a beautician, a national sports federation and even a cosmetic company.

“If we can make it in the cut throat world of motorsport, we can make it in any industry.”